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[ECHR Press Release] Inaugurazione dell’anno giudiziario alla Corte Europea dei Diritti dell’Uomo

President Raimondi presents the Court’s results for 2015

Speaking at the annual press conference of the European Court of Human Rights on 28 January 2016, President Raimondi took stock of the year 2015 and described the situation generally as satisfactory, emphasising that the backlog of single-judge cases had been virtually eliminated.

By the end of 2015 the number of pending cases stood at 64,850, a decrease of 7 % compared with the end of 2014 (69,900 applications pending). At the press conference the Court also issued its annual activity report and its statistics for 2015.

The annual table of violations by country shows that the States with the highest number of judgments finding at least one violation of the Convention were Russia (109 judgments), Turkey (79), Romania (72), Ukraine (50), Greece (43) and Hungary (42).

At 31 December 2015 the majority of pending cases were against Ukraine (21.4 %), Russia (14.2 %), Turkey (13.0 %) and Italy (11.6 %). Half the priority cases concerned Hungary or Russia.

The President pointed out that much work remained to be done and that very close cooperation with the member States was called for, in the spirit of “shared responsibility” expressed at the Brussels Conference.

President Raimondi stressed the need for each member State to ensure that endemic problems were resolved at domestic level rather than being brought before the Court.

Webcast of the Press conference

Speech by the President Guido Raimondi (only in French)

Analysis of statistics 2015

Annual Report 2015 (provisional)

Violations by Article and by State 2015



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