Matteo De Longis

[ECHR Press Release] Sentenze CEDU del 02.02.2016

Judgments of 2 February 2016
The European Court of Human Rights has today notified in writing 16 judgments. (link)

Courts should not have ordered return of three children to their father against their will
N.Ts. and Others v. Georgia

A self-regulatory body and an Internet news portal were not liable for the offensive online comments of their readers
Magyar Tartalomszolgáltatók Egyesülete and Zrt v. Hungary

Discrimination in the calculation of a disability allowance in Switzerland
di Trizio v. Switzerland

The State did not fail in its duty to protect life in connection with a boating accident caused by a private individual
Cavit Tınarlıoğlu v. Turkey

Upholding of defamation claim against MP, for remarks about medical care of Prime Minister, was in breach of her freedom of expression
Erdener v. Turkey

Please note that the English version of the press release concerning the judgment Sodan v. Turkey will be available a bit later. See here the French version of this press release.


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